Treasure On The Wasteland

‘Treasure On The Wasteland’ is a comprehensive anthology of music from the Irish Punk, New Wave, Post-Punk, Alternative and Indie scenes: 1977-1989. Featuring 163 tracks, many sourced from original vinyl. A large number of these tracks have never been issued on CD.

Irish Nuggets: 1977-89
‘Treasure On The Wasteland’

Part One: 1977-79

Part Two: 1980-81

Part Three: 1982-84

Part Four: 1985-87

Part Five: 1988-89

A second five part series will cover the years 1990-99

Irish Nuggets: 1990-99

Part Six: 1990-91
Part Seven: 1992-93
Part Eight: 1994-95
Part Nine: 1996-97
Part Ten: 1998-99


5 thoughts on “Treasure On The Wasteland

  1. Well done, enjoyed both these mixes a lot. I found a few tracks/artists that I will be investigating further. Please please please keep going as am very interested what you might dig out for the 80s where yours truly had a little more first hand knowledge 😉

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  2. Absolutely wonderful compilations!!
    Is there any chance to provide them as digital download for offline listening pleasure?


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